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Double Stamp recently published an article about Google’s rising power and domination of the information retrieval industry. This domination is due to providing excellent and free services to the public. Check this one out…

Scenario: You just left your house to attend a friend’s wedding reception at “La Pueblina.” You’ve never been there, so when you discover half way there that you forgot to write down the address, you’re understandably frustrated. You could pull over to a gas station and try to look it up in the phone book, but that takes to much time. You could call someone near a computer and have him/her look it up for you, but that’s even worse. Suddenly, you remember the article that you just read on Double Stamp about Google’s new (free) 411 service. That’s it!

You pull over and dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from your cell phone.

Google: “What city and state?”
You: “Your city, your state.”
Google: “What Business name or category?”
You: “La Pueblina”
Google: “Top 2 results: 1) La Pueblina Reception Hall. 2) La Pueblina Bowling Alley”
You: “One”

Google continues to provide you with the address, telephone number, and other details. You quickly note down the address of La Pueblina, and arrive perfectly in time to your friend’s wedding reception. Excellent.

Next time you find yourself driving in circles, trying to find a particular business or restaurant, give GOOG-411 a try.


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