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Blog Readers, Read Up!

The latest craze on the internet is blogs. Blogs are simply websites that make it easy for you to post articles or journal type entries for the public to see. Most of you probably have your own blogs, and read others on a regular basis. Hey! You're reading one right now!

No offense, but most of you probably read blogs the old fashioned, clunky way. You probably check the blogs multiple times, only to find out that the author hasn't created a new entry. You check back over and over, waiting for a new post. If you visit multiple blogs a day, you probably spend a lot of time "checking" the sites, only to find out that one or two of them actually have a new article to read. Don't you wish that there was an easier way to find out where new material has been posted?

Well, there is. I posted a Double Stamp article a long time ago called "Introduction to Web Feeds." Web feeds allow to to "subscribe" to a website's content. Instead of re-explaining how it works, I encourage you to check out my previous article and try it out with the blogs that you are reading. It will make your reading MUCH easier. Now your friends and family who "don't have time to read your blog" have no excuse!

Look, blogs are here to stay. You might as well learn how to read em' right.


Wasatch Girl said...

So true! Approximately on a weekly basis I tell someone about blog readers.

Anonymous said...

Also that we would do without your very good idea